Afternoon Activities

Board Games

Afternoon activities are a special time of the day for Freedom School Scholars! The scholars participate in a variety of activities ranging from field trips and guest speakers to both indoor and outdoor recreation. While the afternoon specials were a favorite time of the day because they were fun and engaging, they were also inspirational and personally rewarding. The scholars benefited by learning lessons in life skills and goal-setting for their futures.


  • Checkers
  • Scrabble
  • Chess
  • Connect Four
  • Monopoly
  • UNO
  • Sorry

Four Square: There are four squares and each person has a square. You have one ball and they tap the ball around to each other, without letting the ball bounce in your square twice or catching or hitting the line. If you do... you are out. There is no winner.
by Kenan, age 11

Field Trips

Click on the pictures below to listen to Freedom School Scholars discuss their favorite field trips!

Carolina Panthers Enjoying the water Bowling

Goal Setting

Each Freedom School Scholar sets goals to accomplish for Freedom School and future advantages. Dr. Abrams visited level three scholars to plan long-term and short-term goals.

Some steps in the goal-setting process are:

  •  scholars plan what career they want to pursue
  •  scholars list stumbling blocks they could meet during their career
  •  scholars list advantages/disadvantages
  •  scholars discuss how meeting short-term goals helped to obtain their long-term goals: graduate from high school, get a scholarship and go to college.

by Chloe, age 12


Art is a fantastic way of showing and expressing how we feel.

Many people express themselves in many ways, but at Freedom School we have fun expressing our feelings in art. For example, we made Japanese art and Subtractive art.

Japanese art

Japanese Art: Put black paint on a piece of paper and then take a straw and blew on it.
The photo above is an example of Japanese art.

Finished artwork

The photo above shows an example of what the finished artwork looks like.

Subtractive Art:

  • step 1 - grab paper
  • step 2 - take some oil pastels
  • step 3 - spread the oil pastels with three different colors
  • step 4 - take a dark color and shade it in everywhere
  • step 5 - take a stick and make a design on it

~by Kenyatta, age 12