Integrated Reading Curriculum

Integrated Reading Curriculum

IRC-Stands for Integrated Reading Curriculum. It is when all levels read interesting books for three hours. Some are suspenseful, deep, entertaining, and meaningful. After reading all levels discuss the books in different ways such as skits, talk shows, interviews, and summaries.  Check out the books Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 have been reading! Click below to see example reading lists of books by level:

Listen to our chant, "ALL I DO IS READ"

Students enjoying reading

“I like IRC because we can connect to people and talk about the book”

Two students reading

“IRC means when you read and understand the book. I get more into the book when it is something I can relate to."

“IRC means when we get in a circle and read.”

Reading changes lives

“It helps me get good grades and helps me change my ways in life”